Friday, March 27, 2009

A little snot

It was recently brought to my attention that I have yet to post a follow-up to the blind date I had back in February.

Following the date, I was pretty certain that I was going to hear from this guy again. I was right. Even though he was out of town for the next 2 weeks at work, I heard from him 4 or 5 times via text message.

His messages were always this: "Hi. How are you?"

How freakin' lame? I mean how am I supposed to respond to that for the 3rd day in a row? I only responded to about half of those messages and only once. I complained loudly that I was annoyed he couldn't be bothered to be a little more creative in his attempts to communicate.

Don't worry, the girls at work put me in my place and told me I was being a snot. I tried to defend myself, but in the end I knew they were right. Truth is, had I liked him, I would have thought those messages sweet and been flattered that he was thinking of me.

Not long after my being knocked off my pedistal, he texted me to let me know he was back in town. After a couple back and forths I got the feeling he was fishing for me to ask him out. That wasn't going to happen. If he wanted to go out he was going to have to ask. He didn't. I never heard from him again.

Suits me fine, I wasn't keen on him anyway. I know I can be a little snot (my mother has said it, many, many times) so I didn't want to be too quick to judge and I may have given it another date. The out was there and easy so I took it.

Better luck next time.

I really would like to find someone. I'd like to have kids and I'd like them to graduate before I'm forced into retirement. I don't really know what my problem is... I'm outgoing, intelligent, semi-attractive, and I have a great sense of humor. WHAT MORE DO MEN WANT???? I don't get it.

Maybe it's me, maybe my standards are too high.

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