Monday, March 16, 2009


I spent the weekend in Calgary this is the recap in list form.


5) Lions and Tigers and Bears - OH MY! We went to the zoo. I didn't see a lion, a tiger or a bear. But I did see a girafe, a kanagroo a hipopotamus, an elephant, a gorilla, a Koala...
4) +10 temperatures.
3) SHOPPING! It's not what you think. I didn't get that much. Some hair product, a tv series on DVD, Lulu pants... All stuff I can't get here so it was exciting for me, now stop laughing.
2) Visiting with friends I haven't seen in WAAAY too long.
1) Riding the greyhound and coming out the other end with my head still in tact.


5) Going shopping and realizing that my ass has grown a couple sizes - literally.
4) The colorblind, non-english speaking hairstylist. How does "I'd like to go a little darker blonde, like Jennifer Aniston" get translated into a chocolate brown color? I keep telling myself I look mysterious but in fact, I LOOK HOMELESS!
3) My PUBLIC Guitar Hero skills... I swear I'm SO much better when no one's around.
2) All you can eat sushi which isn't really ALL YOU CAN EAT. 3 orders / 90 minute maximum with limited amounts on a reduced menu hardly qualifies as all you can eat. More than I could eat? Yes. But that's not the point.
1) A broken down bus and an additional 3 hours spent at the depot in Edmonton. Just me and about 6 people off of Canada's most wanted list. Cool beans.

Okay, so I'm off to make an appointment at the diet clinic and feed my new pet Koala - They'll let you take anything on a bus. shhh.

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