Friday, December 31, 2010


My blogging has been sparatic to say the least... but I live in the country now and although I have internet it is SO SLOW.

My motivation to write today is a combination of wanting to put my New Years resolutions in writing and the results of my Wii Fit. Bet you know where this is going!

2010 was a pretty awesome year! I'd even say it was the best year yet! It included trips to Mexico, Vegas and the Vancouver Olympics. I met the man of my dreams and together we bought a house in the country and adopted a puppy. I'm happy and in love. However, like I mentioned before, all this being happy shit has made me fat. 22lbs to be exact. I'm 5'0... you can't hide 22lbs. I have definately noticed it, but have done nothing more than think about doing something about it. In all honesty I was in denial about how bad it really was. Then my mom bought me a Wii Fit for Chrismtas. I was pretty excited about it... until I did my first body test. I have 60lbs to lose before I end up in the normal range. That said, I would be more than happy with 45lbs. Talk about a reality check. I lost all this weight once before but like so many others, you lose the weight and then slowly, very slowly it creeps back. Too many meals out and not nearly enough exercise is problem. It's my own fault. Now I got to fix it.

New Years Resolution #1: Lose 45-50lbs. I just booked a trip to Cuba so I'd really love to lose 15lbs in the 3 weeks before I leave. It's doable but it's going to require 100% dedication and a lot of cardio. Chicken, Fish and Veggie diet and an hour to 2 hours on the treadmill each day. After Cuba, I can relax a little and lose the rest at heathier pace.

New Years Resolution #2: In 2010 I found out I have some food sensitivies. I am mildly allergic to gluten. I know I shouldn't eat certain foods but I do anyway and end up on the couch in pain or spending quality time with my bathroom reader. No more.

New Years Resolutrion #3: I think you should always have one fun one. This year I want to learn to swim. I know how to swim, but don't breathe properly so I can't do it for very long. I'm going to take some private lessons and get good at it. This I am excited about :)

Happy New Year Everyone! Have a Fantastic 2011