Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fire and Rain

Whenever I hear the voice of James Taylor, the world stops turning:


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm in pain. It hurts to sit. You know the spot where your bum meets your thigh. Ya that part kills.

I rode a horse last night for the first time in 14 years. I used to ride all the time then my mom made me pick: a new horse or new skates. I choose the skates.

Apparently riding a horse is like riding a bike, you don't really forget, but if you haven't done it in a while, you're shaky and nervous to start with. In the end, everything went well, I stayed on and my bones are all still in tact. But oh how I wish to never have to sit again.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brother to sister conversation

My Mom handing me the phone: Your brother wants to talk to you, you are in big trouble.

ME: Yo! Brother! What is up?

Brother: Where were you today? I tried to text you and I got no response.

ME: Sorry, my phone was dead so I left it at home to charge. Did you need something?

Brother: I almost got hit by a car today!

ME: Really?! What happened

Brother: I was so depressed that you didn't return my text message that I stepped out in front it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Somebody shoot me or a blog full of long run-on sentences just like my brain.

I am driving myself crazy. I'm ridiculously stressed right now about the stupidest stupidest thing. It's so stupid I can't stand it.

I have another course tomorrow with Chris The Hot Instructor and I can't decide what to wear. EMERGENCY!

The course is in Grande Prairie which is about an hour and a half drive from where I am. I have to be there all day tomorrow for the course and then again on Friday to catch the plane to Saskatoon. So instead of driving 2 days in a row, I'm staying a night in the hotel, the same hotel the course is in, the same hotel Chris is staying in. Sooo I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to ask him to go to dinner with me, because he is so friggin cute and because dinner by yourself sucks way more than dinner with a cute boy, and because if I don't I for surely will end up with 40 cats, yelling at the neighborhood kids from my front porch with a broomstick in my hands. Because crazy cat lady is not a preferred future, it is of utmost importance that I look extremely hot whenever I am in his line of sight. THE PRESSURE IS KILLING ME!

The stupidest part: The guy lives in Saskatoon. THAT IS FAR. It's not like we are going to start dating or anything. Plus the odds of him having a girlfriend are super high. Especially since at the beginning of February, he did have a girlfriend who he watched Figure Skating with. Figure Skating. That sounds serious. Even if he did break up with that girlfriend, I'm sure there's another, cause the guy is just THAT cute. Still, even if there is a 1% chance that none of the above matters and I get the opportunity to have dinner with him and put my incredible charms to good use, then I need to take it and I need to look very hot while doing it.

AHHHHHH!!! *sob*