Monday, March 9, 2009


Sometimes I do things I don't even understand...

This morning I woke up at 5:30 to go to the gym. I get ready, and go outside. I open the door and OMG. ITS FUCKING COLD OUT! I'm talking the kind of cold that instantly makes your fingers sting inside your mittens. Thank your lucky stars if you've never experienced this.

My car barely starts, I obviously have to let it run for a bit before I can go to the gym. I go back inside the house for about 20min before I wander back outside and drive to the gym.

I get to the gym, park, open the door to get out... this is when it hits me. ONLY STUPID PEOPLE DO THINGS IN THIS TYPE OF WEATHER. So I don't get out, I close the car door and drive back home to get ready for work.

Now this all made perfect sense at the time... but the gym is not an outdoor facility, I was already there, the hard part was done. Why didn't I go in? I blame a frozen and obviously malfunctioning brain.

In fact I took a picture of myself this morning...

Cute eh?


Anonymous said...

I've actually done this before, although it wasn't the horrible weather that made me drive back home, it was the sudden realization that I was too lazy to actually do more than push my foot down on a gas pedal that day. I figured that I probably burned some calories doing all that footwork anyway.

Kat said...

Probably how your foot got to be so hot.