Thursday, February 19, 2009

Honey in my hair

Blind date recap time! This was the definition of blind date, I knew very little about the guy and had not seen a picture or anything.


Not cute, but not ugly. No immediate chemistry or attraction. However with me there rarely is. This is workable.

Older, 8 years older. A little outside of my comfort zone but not a deal breaker.


Not a lot in common he likes to hunt, fish and ride his motorbike. The problem being that I would never do ANY of those things. I might go fishing, but I would never actually touch a fish soooo you'd probably just call that boating.

He didn't seem interested in getting to know me. He told me A LOT of stories about him. But didn't ask me about me and often cut me off. This could be nerves, but he knows next to nothing about me

He was trying a little too hard to impress me. For instance I know he used to compete as a body builder, he's paid for a bunch of things for his parents cars, house etc, he's always there for his friends... etc. These stories were NOT prompted, they were told randomly like he had a bunch of stories to tell me so I'd see how cool he was.


Alright on to the fun stuff! I am awesome, I seem to make a spectacle of myself where ever I go. It's about 45 minutes into the date and we are arguing over the differences of a cattle farm and an elk farm. (don't judge, it's a perfectly normal topic of conversation... uh, yah.) Anyway as I was making a point I knocked my tea cup against the table a little hard. He makes some remark about me being angry. I, being the goof I am raise the cup above my head and bring it crashing down onto the table. The cup, much to my surprise, is not empty. Tea comes flying out and ends up in my hair, and all over my face and lap! I wish I could have seen the expression on my face. What did I do? I laughed and laughed... I am one classy gal! AWESOME!

Overall he was nice but after an hour and half of listening to him tell stories about himself I was bored. Is it worth a second date? I'm still debating that, he may have just been really nervous. At this point I don't really see reason to go out again. But I'm going to talk to cupid to see what she thinks before I fully decide.


Anonymous said...

HA! That's too funny- if you ever come to Michigan I want to buy you a beer and listen to more awkward stories :)

Kat said...

Me + Beer = Awkward story JACKPOT!