Saturday, February 14, 2009


I wish today was not Valentine's Day for two reasons:

1) I had plans to spend the day with a friend of mine, who at 45 minutes after we were supposed to leave decided she didn't want to go because it was Valentine's Day and places would be busy. Did I mention I waited those 45 minutes for her? That was really awesome for me.

2)I have a message sitting on my phone from a guy who I'm being set up with. It's a blind date and I'm totally all for it. Problem is he called on Thursday and again last night and I still haven't returned his phone call. I want to, I just haven't because I was out late both nights. I could return his call tonight but it's Valentine's Day and it feels kinda lame. I might anyway cause tomorrow I'm having birthday dinner with my family and I really don't want to wait until Monday. DILEMA!

Other than that I'm having a great day enjoying some tv on dvd!

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