Friday, December 19, 2008

Toe pick

I'm a clumsy old lady. At least that's what I felt like on the ice tonight. It was a last minute decision we made as a team to perform at the Annual Christmas Skate. I wasn't ready. I didn't make a complete fool of myself but it was pretty close.

About 4 weeks back, I ran into a girl I used to skate with 12 years ago. She mentioned to me that the synchro team was looking for more members and if I was interested I should come out.

It sounded like a great idea, so I dug out my trusty skates and laced up. Little did I know that synchro has become just a wee bit more complicated than it once was, with tricky formations and intricate footwork. The team had already been skating together for a number of weeks when I started, so I had a program to learn and some serious catching up to do. Add that to the fact that my skates haven't seen the outside of box in 5 years and you begin to understand my challenge.

Oh and it's also worth mentioning that the girls on my team range in age from 12 to 22, I'm 29.

Even though, I'm a clumsy old lady, I'm a clumsy old lady who LOVES to skate. Why else would I put myself through such ego deflating torture?

Next up is a big competition in Kelowna in mid-January. I'm determined to work my ass off to drop the clumsy from my current title. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about being old.

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Anonymous said...

Eh, you're not old. Kudos for jumping in and doing it anyway, even if you feel out of your element. Rock on!