Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today I'm a ramblin man...

Last night I wanted to go out, drink and people watch, something I used to do 2-3 times a week in Vancouver. Just for the record - alcohol wasn't always involved. Anyway, I couldn't find any company and by the time 10pm rolled around the urge to try it on my own went away.

What I'd really like to find in Dawson Creek are some people like me. They'd be guys or gals around my age who are single, career driven, like to socialize and enjoy a good time. The question is, do those kind of people exist here?

Come to think of it, I probably have an option or two with the "younger crowd" but how young is too young? The kid who comes to mind is maybe 21 tops and is so unbelievably sweet. I'll bet he has no idea I'm as old as I am. HA! To be honest, I really really like him. Not in the same way I'd like him if he was about 4-5 years older (if you know what i mean) but he's a pretty awesome kid. When I was 20 boys weren't like that.

Oh wait, wait...

They may have been if only I'd given them a chance. Man, thinking back I was a super bitch... I stood guys up, avoided phone calls and was just downright mean.

Anyway, back to the point, I'm sure I had one, oh right... where's my crowd? I guess I'm still looking for it, but maybe I need to broaden my search? Perhaps I'll try taking friendship where I can get it, without an age, career or marital prejudice. After all I'm not in Kansas anymore.

Friends :)


notquiteawake said...

I'm 33 and the guy I hang out most with is 24. At first I was a bit concerned with the age difference but we have so much in common and we get along really well. Most importantly, we always have fun! I find the older I get, the fewer people I connect with. I say, if you guys have fun together, go for it!

Kat said...

"The older I get, the fewer people I connect with"

Isn't that the truth.