Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting Used To

So since we moved in to our little house in the country, there has been some "getting used tos". 

The first one I noticed was my earlier wake up time. I now have to drag my ass out of bed a whole 45 minutes earlier than when I lived in town. In town it would take under 5 minutes to drive to work. Now it takes25 minutes or more. More if the roads are icy, more if I get stuck behind the school bus, more if the puppy distracts me on my way to the jeep. The last one is my own fault... but not really... who can resist a puppy.

Then I noticed what a huge pain in the ass it is when I have after work committements. Monday nights I curl at 7:30, however I get off work at 5:30. It doesn't make sense drive all the way home to be there for 45 minutes so I hang around in town. Good thing I have friends that I can annoy.

Oh and of course there is lunch. I can no longer go home for a heathly and tasty lunch. I have been eating out quite regularly again which is hard on my midsection. I have to start planning my lunches and packing them to work with me. I suck at planning.

Other things I've had to get used to include:
  • Not hearing the neighbors snore or produce their own porn.
  • That diesel is no longer outside my window and running at 4am.
  • The all around peace and quiet
  • Sleeping in the darkness
  • Being able to see the stars - that's a tough one
  • The entertainment provided by the neighbors yelling lengthy conversations at people from the apartment across the alley. 
  • Waking up to this:

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