Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet Enough

3 days ago I made the decision to cut sugar out from my diet due to my addict like behaviour. I ATE AN ENTIRE SOUP BOWL OF PEANUT BUTTER ICING. It was very tasty and very gross all the same time. So goodbye sugar. I am addicted to you and that is not cool. New plan: fruits and veggies are okay but anything with sugar added is not. The first 2 days of my new meal plan were complete hell. I got headaches, I was hungry ALL THE TIME. It was ridiculous. I'd eat a chicken breast and some veggies, my tummy would feel full but at the same time I would be hungry.

??????? Hell.

It's day 3. I'm feeling much much better. However, my new challenge seems to be the fact that sugar is in EVERYTHING. No pre-package or processed foods of anykind for me. Looks like I'll be making everything from scratch.

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